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How to Get it ?

Many people call us for "Can you provide a free trial ?" We don't provide any free trial as ours is not an advisory service / Tips / Course/ Any kind of service. It's a strategy or Mathematical Logic Teaching! Is just like you are managing your own Mutual Fund ! and A logic will be shared for which study is required to implement.

Capital Requirnment

The margins are controlled by SEBI so we have to follow it. If you want to practically trade FNO & earn profit from the market you must have the capacity to buy 2 Lots of Nifty in Cash otherwise don't come for trade it is better if you invest in equities. FNO is not meant for Gambling it is for Risk Hedging.


The margin requirement is slightly high but more the margin more you the safe; More the nifty moves more we have to keep the margin in the account. As this is a monthly strategy (Positional) We get the full benefit of swings of nifty just like we drink all water inside the coconut.


To the tune of  2.5 to 4 % a Month


Chart Monitoring Required

2-4 in a Month



Avg. ROI up to

2.5 to 3 % a Month

To the tune of

12-15 Lac




iNVESTiNG Strategy

We believe that "Only Learning is the way of Earning". Now coming to strategy charges. To complete an Engineering/ MBA/ Any other education if we take a minimum of minimum on an average we pay around Rs. 5 Lac to complete Degree then you get Job & then We start earning...

The same is here, Unless you spend time, effort, and money to LEARN you cannot earn money from the market. By looking into sincere efforts and uniqueness We used to share Mathematical Logic. If we invest the same amount into Mutual Fund even in Direct MF then AMC will charge you up to 2.25% P.A. Indirectly but, here it is Direct Upfront Charge. AMC charges more & it's P.A. charge where we never look up. Again, even paying P.A. charges do Mutual Fund gives only +ve Returns? They also go into -ve but AMC still charges.

Strategy Charges

Rs. 27,000/- (One Time)

Last but one trading without a Strategy is not only a Loss of capital, but also, time, energy, and effort. Further, you will lose your temper, get frustrated, angry n this...

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"Always Trade with a Plan or Don't Trade"

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